'To provide stakeholders with world-class payments, clearing and settlement services in line with international best practice and promote efficient, safe and sound payments system'

Payments and Settlement Department is responsible for providing an efficient, secure and reliable payment systems infrastructure, thereby safeguarding a stable financial system in the country. In pursuit of this, the Department collaborates with private sector institutions, international organisations and Government departments to introduce improvements to the safety and efficiency of the payments system. The Department is made up of two divisions being the Policy Development and Regulation (PDR) Division and the Operations Division. 

The Policy Development and Regulation Division is the custodian and driver of the National Payments System (NPS) Vision and Strategy 2020 – 2024, which outlines the essential characteristics of Botswana’s future NPS, reflecting the way forward and identifying key strategic actions in the continued development of the country’s payment system.  The Strategy reflects the collective opinions of the NPS stakeholders in Botswana, gained through cooperative participation and consultations through various fora in the NPS. The Division collaborates with SADC member central banks through the SADC Payment Systems Oversight Committee (PSOC), in the reform and modernisation of the Botswana National Payment System (NPS) and implements initiatives agreed to and approved by the Committee of Central Bank Governors (CCBG).  The Division also undertakes oversight of the NPS through the National Payments System Oversight Policy; ensuring compliance with the National Clearance and Settlement Systems (NCSS) Act, (Cap 46:06), which provides for the recognition, supervision and regulation of payment, clearing and settlement systems in Botswana. The Division also enforces the industry’s adherence to the Electronic Payments Services (EPS) Regulations, 2019, which provide a legal framework for the provision and usage of electronic payment services in Botswana; catalyse fintech activity and promote an enabling environment for innovation in financial services delivery channels. In collaboration with the Financial Intelligence Agency (FIA), the Division enforces compliance by EPS and Money or Value Transfer Services (MVTS) providers to the Financial Intelligence Act, with the objective of preventing, suppressing, and disrupting money laundering and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction as well as the financing of terrorism.

The Operations Division provides back office support services to the Reserves Management function and ensures irrevocable settlement of the Bank's foreign exchange transactions. It also acts as a payment agent for foreign currency payments by the Government and the Bank.  The Division is charged with the administration of the SWIFT system, which provides a secure, reliable and efficient platform for financial messaging services.

Furthermore, the Division is the custodian, operator and administrator of the Real Time Gross Settlement System -The Botswana Interbank Settlement System (BISS), the sole settlement system in the country, mandated by the NCSS Act, 2003. Linked to the SWIFT platform, the BISS provides a secure and robust settlement environment of high value and time critical payments. It works efficiently on a finality and irrevocable settlement basis that is guided by Botswana Interbank Settlement System Rules and Procedures that are in compliant with Principles of Financial Market Infrastructures as set by the Bank of International Settlement’s Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures.  The Division provides a collateralised Credit Facility (Intra-day Lending Facility) to meet liquidity shortfalls during the day.   The BISS operates at stipulated times; 0800 hours to 1730 hours with initial cut-off at 1530 hours and final cut-off at 1700 hours.



 Ms P C Tumedi


Deputy Director:

 Ms K Ntsatsi

 Ms R Baitshepi


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Ms S Ndebele

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E-mail: ndebeles@bob.bw



Ms T Mack

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