'To preserve the Bank as an employer of choice'

The Human Resources Department serves as an enabler to the Bank’s business mandate by providing, efficient and effective people services. This is realised by providing guidance on robust human resources policies and ensuring their inclusive implementation. The Department comprises of four Units:

Recruitment and Training: attracts and recruits ideal candidates. The Unit also provides relevant and essential training and staff development;

Personnel: holds the responsibility of guiding human resources policy formulation and implementation.

Organisational Development and Industrial Relations: is responsible for organisational change and development to foster organisational effectiveness; labour market surveillance; good industrial relations and staff welfare; as well as developing staff retention strategies.

The Staff Clinic: is responsible for driving the Bank’s occupational safety, health and environment; the coordination of the Staff health clinic, as well as driving the Bank’s health Programmes.

Mr C. S. G. Chepete

Personal Assistant:
Ms G Mathibe
Tel: +267  3606597
Fax: +267 3901100
E-mail: mathibeg@bob.bw

Deputy Director:
Ms L. Phiri

Personal Assistant:

Ms S Rauwe
Tel: +267 360635
Fax: +267 3901100
E-mail: rauwes@bob.bw


Ms N. S. Seloko

Mr K. Lemogang