‘To provide quality legal advice to the Bank and manage its corporate, communication and information functions’

The Department was established in March 2018 when the Legal Affairs Division, Secretariat Division, and Communications and Information Services Division were merged to form the Corporate and Legal Affairs Department (CLAD). The Department is responsible for providing expert and strategic legal advice to the Bank; initiate and implement improvements to internal governance structures and manage external relations, including interactions with international organisations to which the Bank is a member. Through, the Legal Affairs Division, the Department serves as the central hub for all matters of a legal and compliance nature concerning the Bank, contracts administration (including custody), legislative review and initiatives, supervisory enforcement and compliance, as well as, coordinate procurement of any legal services that the Bank may require (outsourcing). The Secretariat Division is responsible for Board affairs, support the Executive and similar Committees, and records management. The Communications and Information Services Division deals with media relations, public education, publications, the Knowledge Centre (Library), and administration of the Bank’s website (disseminate Bank’s information).

The Department is led by a Director and supported by two Heads of Divisions responsible for the Legal Affairs and Board Secretariat, and Communications and Information Services divisions, respectively.


Mr C. S. G. Chepete

Personal Assistant:

Ms L Motumise
Tel: (267) 3606329
E-mail: motumisel@bob.bw

Heads of Divisions

Legal Affairs and Board Secretariat: 
Ms Tshepiso Mpusetsang

Keobiditse Ntshwabi 

Communications and Information Services: 
Dr Seamogano Mosanako

Ms Kolobetso Selo