To be a professional central bank agency, which capably exercises effective regulation and supervision of financial institutions falling under its supervisory purview for assurance of good conduct, efficiency, integrity and developing a credit reporting framework in accordance with best international standards.

This is a new Department resulting from combining the market/business conduct, consumer protection, AML/CFT regulation and other compliance components of the former Banking Supervision and Payments and Settlement Departments. In particular, the Department will be the primary focus for any interface with the public on issues such as unfair treatment of customers by banks and other service providers under the purview of the Bank's supervision ambit; bank charges and other fees, administration accounts, etc.

The Department will have added functional responsibilities for the administration of the new Credit Information Act (regulation of credit bureaux) and supervision of the bureaux de change. This will ensure that all the AMUCFT supervisory activities are housed under one roof, as mandated by ESAAMLG and FATF.

The Department is headed by a Director supported by two Deputy Directors.


Ms Patricia C Tumedi


Deputy Directors:

Ms Neo. Raditloaneng

Ms Evelyn T Sennanyana


Personal Assistant:

Ms Shillah Ndebele

Tel: (267) 3606188




Mr Tsaone Terence Motswapong

Tel: (267) 3606007