Exchange rate policy provides the framework for determining the external value of the national currency of Botswana, the Pula. As set out in the Bank of Botswana Act (Cap 55:01, section 21), decisions relating to this framework are made by the President of Botswana on the recommendation of the Minister of Finance and Development Planning after consultation with the Bank. The Bank then implements the exchange rate policy on behalf of the Botswana Government.

Through its history since the introduction of the Pula in 1976, exchange rate policy in Botswana has undergone several major changes, with the current framework introduced in May 2005. Basics of exchange rate policy provides users with explanations of major concepts and essential terminology.

The statistics section of the website also included a wide range of exchange rate-related data, including an interactive search facility that allows users to list and graph the value the Pula against major currencies for selected periods.