The General Conditions of Service (GCS) are prescribed by the Board of the Bank of Botswana in accordance with the Bank of Botswana Act and the Bye-Laws of the Bank. They are the product of discussions between the Bank of Botswana management and staff and, in particular, the Central Bank Union. They are aligned with relevant labour legislation in Botswana and best employment practices and are reviewed periodically as required. The Conditions of Service cover the following main areas:

  • Recruitment
  • Promotion
  • Salaries, allowances and benefits
  • Performance management
  • Working hours and leave
  • Staff loans
  • Code of conduct
  • Disciplinary code

The GCS form part of the contract of employment entered into by staff of the Bank. They apply to all staff members although, in some instances, special or additional provisions may apply to categories of staff. While the objective of the GCS is to codify the rights and obligations of the Bank towards staff members and vice versa, it is recognised that it is not always possible to foresee every eventuality. In such cases, the Governor may use discretion within the principles and spirit of the GCS.