The results of auctions of Government bonds and treasury bills since the P5 billion Note Issuance Programme that commenced in March 2008 can be accessed from this website:
Auction Date Total Allotted (P million) Total Auctioned (P million) Download
P1,247 P1,800 Download
P986 P2,100 Download
P850 P1,500 Download
P1,110 P1,846 Download
P905 P905 Download
P816 P1,135 Download
P1,039 P1,950 Download
P1,366 P1,830 Download
P545 P1,000 Download
P1,356 P3,290 Download
P2,120 P3,250 Download
P480 P1,000 Download
P1,480 P1,950 Download
P1,545 P2,600 Download
P1,830 P2,147 Download
P1,845 P1,846 Download
P1,295 P1,300 Download
P1,140 P1,250 Download
P1,182 P1,400 Download
P777 P1,150 Download
P822 P1,100 Download
P1,051 P1,160 Download
P1,050 P1,500 Download
P1,005 P1,150 Download
P497 P1,000 Download