To be a centre of excellence in strategic planning, innovation and organisational resilience.


To enable achievement of the Bank’s core mandate by facilitating organisational resilience, innovation and performance-driven strategic planning.

The Department leads and facilitates the Bank’s strategic planning and risk management functions with a view to achieve coordinated development and implementation of strategic and operational plans within a Bank-wide integrated risk management framework. In this regard, the Department is responsible for the development and maintenance of frameworks, systems and strategies for effective medium-term planning, procurement oversight, risk management and business disaster recovery. It also executes measures geared towards enhancing the Bank’s operational efficiency.

The Department serves as a hub for digitalisation and innovation, responsible for actively monitoring and initiating research on emerging fintech activities and technological advancements, and the associated impact on the Bank’s mandate with the view to inform policy and the regulatory framework. In this regard, the Department fosters digital innovation in the financial services sector while safeguarding its safety and soundness. It collaborates with local and regional agencies for synchronised national and regional adaptation of digital and financial innovations and initiatives.

In performing these functions, the Department is guided by various legislations, policies and international best practice. The Department is led by a Director and assisted by three Deputy Directors.


Ms A B Kgathola


Deputy Directors:          

Ms L Mokokwane

Ms R Baitshepi

Mr M Kamanga



Mr B Monanyane

Tel: (267) 3606375

Fax: (267) 3913890