‘To be a professional financial regulatory agency that capably conducts effective prudential regulation and supervision and to promote the overall effectiveness, integrity, safety, efficiency and stability of the banking system and payments system through its regulatory mandate’


The Prudential Authority and Payments Oversight Department (PAPOD) promotes financial stability in the country through the regulation, oversight and supervision of banks, other financial institutions, financial market infrastructures and payment systems. PAPOD is responsible for ensuring an efficient, sound, secure and reliable banking operations, and the national payments system (NPS). To achieve this objective, the Department is guided by the Bank of Botswana Act (Cap. 55:01), Banking Act (Cap. 46:04), Banking Regulations 1995, National Clearance and Settlement Systems Act, (Cap 46:06)National Clearance and Settlement System Regulations, 2005, Electronic Payments Services Regulations, 2019, National Payments System Oversight Policy, and relevant directives, policies and guidelines.

The Department collaborates with SADC member central banks through the SADC Payment Systems Oversight Committee, in the reform and modernisation of the NPS and implements initiatives agreed to and approved by the Committee of Central Bank Governors. The Department is also the custodian and driver of the NPS Vision and Strategy, which outlines key strategic actions in the continued development of the country’s payment system.  

At an operational level, PAPOD:

(a)       sets transparent criteria, guidelines and other requirements for market entry as set out in the Licensing Policy;

(b)       establishes and  regularly updates prudential policies and standards;

(c)       monitors solvency, liquidity, large exposures, insider loans, provisioning and risk-management strategies, as well as the adequacy of management and governance structures for the sound operation of banks;

(d)       establishes effective systems for off-site surveillance and on-site examination, including reporting, accounting, auditing and disclosure standards;

(e)       ensures timely supervisory action and compliance with the banking and other related laws governing the operations of banks in Botswana; and

The Department is headed by a Director, supported by three Deputy Directors with responsibilities for Regulatory Policy and Licensing; Prudential Supervision and Payments Oversight.


Mr G Ngidi


Deputy Directors:

Ms O Mosenene

Mr P Lesotlho

Mr J F Sibonge

Personal Assistant:
Ms K Baloyi
Tel: (267) 3606354
Fax: (267) 3913862
E-mail: Baloyik@bob.bw

Mr K Kenyaditswe ((267) 3606554)

Ms T Mack ((267) 3606331)

Mr K Sakarea ((267) 3606192)