Welcome to the Bank of Botswana website, which has been completely redeveloped in order to provide a range of additional services using the latest technology to ensure ease of access to users. The Bank of Botswana has come a long way since it was established in 1975 when it employed only a handful of people scattered across several temporary locations in Gaborone, the national capital. As it matured into a fully-fledged central bank, it rapidly developed a reputation for sound and effective management. It was in recognition that a modern central bank must make use of recent advances in information technology that the decision was taken to fully redevelop the website.

The new website has something for everyone, whether they wish to learn about economic policy or financial stability, discover more about the history of the bank, or are considering working at the bank. Anticipating that many users will be looking for up-to-date economic and financial data, special attention has been given to the section of the website that is devoted to statistics. Information on current procurement tenders and job opportunities is also provided.

As well as the wide variety of information that is available, particular attention has been paid to helping users to make the most of the website and find what they want quickly. Contact details for the Bank as well as links to other websites are also included where relevant, while users will also be kept informed about recent and planned changes to the website.