Under section 29 of the Bank of Botswana Act, it is an offence punishable by law for any person to counterfeit and/or forge Botswana currency.

Botswana currency has unique security features, some of which can be seen with a naked eye, others can be felt by touching, and yet others can be seen with the aid of various types of equipment.  The security features are very difficult to replicate.  Counterfeiters can, however, reproduce currency (counterfeiting) with features which, at a glance, may appear genuine.  But they cannot reproduce currency with genuine security features and, by closely examining each banknote or coin upon receiving it, it is easy for members of the public to identify counterfeits from genuine currency. 

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The success of counterfeiters depends upon lack of sufficient close scrutiny of currency by members of the public.  It is, therefore, incumbent upon each member of the public to closely examine currency each time they receive it. If found in their possession, it would not only be confiscated, but they would also be arrested and liable for prosecution. 

It is also an offence punishable by law for any person to photocopy or otherwise reproduce any banknote issued by the Bank of Botswana for whatever purpose without the Bank’s written permission. Such permission shall be granted at the Bank’s sole discretion.  Application for permission to reproduce images of Botswana currency must be made in writing to the Director, Banking and Currency Department.