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Banking Supervision Annual Report

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Under Secion 28 of the Banking Act (Cap 46:04), by June 30 each year the Bank of Botswana is required to submit a report to the Minister of Finance and Development Planning on the business of all banks, persons or institutions that have been examined by the Bank during the course of the year as required by the Act. The Bank subsequently uses the material in this statutory report to prepare a report for general publication. The report covers:

  • The structure of the banking industry in Botswana
  • Reviews of statutory compliance and operational performance
  • The regulatory and supervisory framework for banks in Botswana
  • Other financial sector developments


The published reports for the following years are available through this website:


Queries relating to the preparation of this report can be made to the Banking Supervision Department:

Contact details:
Tel: +267 360 6354

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