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Botswana Financial Statistics

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The Botswana Financial Statistics (BFS) is the Bank’s monthly statistical publication. As the name suggests, the main focus is on financial information, with an extensive range of tables covering the banking sector (including the ‘depository corporations survey’, from which measures of the money supply are derived) as well as other financial institutions. But the BFS also contains a wide variety of other information covering output, prices, the government budget, exchange rates and international transactions. The published data are always the most recently available and, in most cases, tables include ten years of historical data. The tables are accompanied by a highlights section as well as explanatory notes. Any revisions to previously-published data are highlighted and, where necessary, explanations for the revisions provided either in the form of footnotes or, in the case of electronic versions, through notes attached to the relevant cell in the spreadsheet.  

The website version of the BFS is published approximately one month after the reference month in the title; the printed edition then follows within the next few weeks.

Printed copies of the BFS are distributed free of charge in Botswana and for a charge to cover the cost of postage elsewhere. But users are strongly encouraged to access the BFS through this website as the most recent updates are available more quickly than in the printed version; the tables are also published in spreadsheet format, thus assisting data analysis. In addition to the most recent issue, a limited number of past issues are also available.

The Bank’s Annual Report also includes a statistical section, which includes several additional tables that are not available in the BFS.

Please contact the Bank library for information about subscribing to the printed edition of the BFS.

Contact details:
Tel: +267 360 6310 / 6294
Email: kandjiis@bob.bw

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