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Business Expectations Survey

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The Businesses Expectations Survey is conducted twice yearly (in March and September) by the Bank of Botswana with the objective of collecting information on current levels of business confidence and expectations about short-term economic developments. The survey is based on the responses of a sample of Botswana businesses. Areas covered include both general economic prospects and more detailed information about factors affecting business, including input costs and plans for output and investment. The survey methodology is based on comparable exercises undertaken elsewhere. More information for participants in the survey is published on the statistics section of this website.

While the survey is conducted primarily in order to aid the Bank of Botswana in the process of policy analysis, the publication of the main results is an important addition to publicly available information. The results were first published for the second survey conducted in 2005 and by now provide a comparable series of indicators of changes in the domestic business environment.

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        Guidlines for survey participants

For more information  please contact the National Economics Unit in the Research and Financial Stability Department.

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Tel: +267 360 6272

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