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Research Bulletin

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The Research Bulletin is the forum through which the Bank of Botswana publishes a selection of economic research which is judged suitable for wider dissemination. Not all Research is published in this way as some may be based on information that is otherwise confidential, or is sensitive for other reasons. Most articles are prepared by Bank staff, mainly from the Monetary and Financial Stability Department.

The issues of the Bulletin available on this website are shown below. There was a temporary halt to publication between 2005 and 2008. However, one issue was published in 2009 and the Bank is committed to maintaining regular publication in the future.

Information concerning earlier editions of the Bulletin, which have been published periodically since 1983, can be obtained from the library, where copies can be reviewed and, subject to availability, purchased.

Contact details:
Tel: +267 360 6310
Email: kandjiis@bob.bw

  Latest News:

Auction Results (November 13)

DCI lost 10.43 percent year-to-date

Auction Results (November 6)

DCI lost 10.32 percent year-to-date

The Pula depreciated against the Japanese yen 2.5 percent