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Annual Report

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Under the Bank of Botswana Act, 1996, the Bank is required to produce an annual report on its operations, together with audited financial statements. The report covers the calendar year and must be presented to the Minister of Finance and Development Planning by the end of March the following year. Thereafter it must be laid before the National Assembly within thirty days.

Beyond fulfilling a statutory requirement, the Annual Report is the principal means through which the Bank communicates its assessment of the recent performance of the Botswana economy, in the context of global economic developments. As well as the report on its operations and financial statements, the report contains a review of recent economic developments and, since 1993, a theme section where a chosen topic is addressed in detail. The report also contains an extensive statistical section.

Following publication, the Report forms the basis of a series of economic briefings for stakeholders, including His Excellency the President of Botswana and his cabinet, senior government officials, parliamentarians, the media, business leaders and the diplomatic corps.

The report has been produced annually since 1976. The following are available through this website.

2016 Main Report Statistics
2015 Main Report Statistics
2014 Main Report Statistics
2013 Main Report Statistics
2012 Main Report Statistics
2011 Main Report Statistics
2010 Main Report Statistics
2009 Main Report Statistics
2008 Main Report Statistics
2007 Main Report Statistics
2006 Main Report Statistics
2005 Main Report Statistics
2004 Main Report Statistics
2003 Main Report Statistics
2002 Main Report Statistics
2001 Main Report Statistics
2000 Main Report Statistics

Subject to availability, copies of both current annual reports and those for earlier years can be purchased from the Bank or, alternatively, if appropriate arrangements made consulted in the Bank library. The library should also be contacted to arrange subscriptions to the report.

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