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Sporting Club

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The purpose of the Sporting Club is to encourage sporting, recreational and associated social activities among Bank of Botswana employees both through participation in sports within the Bank and joining other sporting associations. In turn, this supports both healthy living and the spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship among Bank staff.

Day-to-day business is handled by the Club's Executive Committee, supported by relevant sub-committees. The Club's Trustees, ensure the proper management of the club's property, including sporting equipment.

Membership of the Club is open to all Bank employees. Staff do not have to be active sports players to participate in the Club: supporters also play an important role, as recognised through the separate supporters' sub-committee. Members are required to pay the prescribed membership fee and thereafter make monthly subscriptions at the set amount.


The Club support the following sporting codes in various competitions:

  • Soccer
  • Table tennis
  • Netball
  • Pool
  • Volleyball
  • Darts
  • Lawn tennis
  • Chess

The main local competition is the annual inter-bank games for Botswana-based banks, as well as other tournaments that may be held from time to time. Competitions among Bank staff are also arranged and, in recent years, the club has sponsored participation by a Bank team in a local ‘adventure race' (canoeing, hill running and mountain biking). Internationally, the main event is the regional inter-central bank games. These are held every two years, hosted on a rotational basis by the participating institutions. On occasion, the Club may also participate in bilateral international competitions with interested parties.


Until recently, the only dedicated sports facility provided by the Bank was the staff gymnasium, which is managed by the Sporting Club. However, as a major investment in the health and wellbeing of its staff, the Bank has recently established a separate integrated sport facility. Located in Gaborone West, this comprises a state-of-the-art all-weather soccer pitch, games room and courts for volleyball and netball (also usable for tennis and basketball). It is now fully operational and will greatly help bank teams (soccer in particular) get the regular training that is required to perform well in competition. The new facility got off to an auspicious start, with the Bank team being the overall winner in the inaugural competition held in March 2008.

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