Wednesday, December 11, 2019 | 10:12 AM

Health and Welfare

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The Bank is fully committed to supporting the health and welfare of its employees. To ensure that staff members have ready access to quality health care regardless of their income levels, the Bank pays in full the costs of subscription to Botswana Medical Aid Society (BOMAID) for all employees and their immediate dependents. Regular medical examinations are arranged for all staff, and a there is a clinic on the Bank's premises maintained by a full time nurse and visited regularly by doctors from a nearby general practice. A counsellor is also retained who can advise staff on emotional and personal matters (this service is also available to the immediate family of staff).

Recognising that regular exercise contributes to a healthy and productive workforce, the management of the Bank fully supports the activities of the Sporting Club, and has provided both a gym on the Bank premises and an integrated sporting facility for staff use.


The impact of HIV/Aids has been particularly severe in Botswana. To help meet the challenges of the pandemic, the Bank established an HIV/Aids Coordinating Committee, made up of representatives from all departments. In addition, there are Peer Educators, who work hand in hand with the main committee to sensitise staff on matters relating to prevention, treatment and other matter relating to the disease. To help staff at a medical level, the Bank also encourages staff to enrol in a treatment programme which is fully paid for by the Bank. More broadly, through the staff nurse the Bank participates in various national committees which deal with HIV/Aids, relief initiative have received financial support and staff members have participated in various activities.

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