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Banking Supervision Department

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'To be a professional financial regulatory agency that capably conduts effective prudential regulation and supervision'

The Banking Supervision Department (Department) promotes financial stability in the country through the regulation and supervision of banks and other financial institutions. To achieve this objective, the Department is guided by the Bank of Botswana Act (Cap 55:01), Banking Act (Cap: 46:04), Banking regulation 1995, Bureaux de Change regulations 2004  and relevant directives, policies and guidelines.

Accordingly, Bank of Botswana seeks to promote market integrity, competition, fair business practices and a high standard of governance through consultation and open communication with market players.  Furthermore, the Bank is committed to upholding a high standard of professional conduct in line with international regulatory and accounting standards for effective banking supervision.



  In order to achieve these goals, the Bank of Botswana:
  • sets transparent criteria, guidelines and other requirements for market entry and exit as set out in the Licencing Policy;
  • establishes and  regularly updates prudential policies and standards;
  • monitors solvency, liquidity, large exposures, insider loans, provisioning and risk management strategies, as well as the adequacy of management and governance structures for the sound operation of banks;
  • establishes effective systems for off-site surveillance and on-site examinations, including reporting, accounting, auditing and disclosure standards;
  • ensures timely supervisory action and compliance with banking and other related laws governing the operations of banks in Botswana; and
  • monitors and investigates unlicensed illegal deposit-taking activities and practices.

The Department is headed by a Director, supported by three Deputy Directors with responsibilities for Regulatory Policy and Licensing; Prudential Supervision and Business Conduct and Bureau de Change Supervision, respectively.

Dr L S Senatla

Personal Assistant:
Ms L Motumise
Tel: (267) 3606354
Fax: (267) 3913862

Deputy Directors:
Ms E Sennanyana
Mr G Ngidi
Mr J F Sibonge

Ms L Lopez
Ms G Ramaretlwa

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