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Government Bonds - Issuance Programmes

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The launch of the P5 billion Note Issuance Programme in March 2008 was accompanied by a prospectus (the Note Programme Memorandum)  that included both a overall description of the programme as well as detailed terms of conditions for transacting in notes issued under the programme. Thereafter, supplementary releases (Pricing Supplement) were issued to accompany the auctions, of both existing and new notes, that were undertaken twice-yearly in March and September.

The upper limit of the programme was reached in September 2010 and, in February 2011, Parliament appoved the raising of the limit from P5 billion to P15 billlion. This is both in order to help finance the budget deficit in 2011/12 as well as maintaining government presence in the domestic capital markets.

November 2019 Note programme  
June 2019 Note Programme  
March 2019 Note Programme  
November 2018 Note Programme  
June 2018 Note Programme  
March 2018 Note Programme  
December 2017 Note Programme  
June 2017 Note Programme  
March 2017 Note Programme  
December 2016 Note Programme  
June 2016 Note Programme  
September 2015 Note programme  
 December 2014 Note Programme  
 September 2014 Note Programme  
 March 2014 Note Programme  
 September 2013 Note Programme  
June 2013 Note programme  
September 2011 Note Programme  
September 2010 Note Programme  
March 2010 Pricing Supplement BW080910 Pricing Supplement BW006
  Pricing Supplement BW007  
September 2009 Pricing Supplement BW100310 Pricing Supplement BW003
  Pricing Supplement BW005 Pricing Supplement BW006
March 2009 Pricing Supplement BW004  
March 2008 Note Programme Memorandum  

Details of further additions to the current issuance programme will be published on this website once they have been announced.


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