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Monthly Rates

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Daily updates of several measures of inflation and of the foreign exchange reserves are stored on this website. They can be presented in a tabular or graphical form format for a period of your choice using the interactive search facility and can also be downloaded can be downloaded in spreadsheet format.

Inflation Rates : The measures of annual inflation are included:

Consumer price index, or ‘headline’, inflation (CPI): this is based on an basket of 384 items derived from the 2002/03 Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES).

Trimmed mean inflation (CPIT): this is the Bank of Botswana’s preferred measure of ‘core’ inflation. It excludes 16 percent by weight in the CPI basket (8 percent from each of the top and bottom end of the distribution of price movement) in order to remove short-term volatilities. This measure was first published in January 2008.

Inflation excluding administered prices (CPIXA): this excludes 36 items from the CPI basket that are administratively determined and are subject to periodic adjustment an not necessarily in response to market forces. As with the trimmed mean, this measure was first published in January 2008.

All three measures are prepared by the central statistics office and are updated on or around the sixteenth day of each month.

Foreign Reserves : these are shown valued in Pula as well as two reference currencies: the United States dollar (USD) and the Special Drawing Right (SDR; a basket of major currencies that is the unit of account of the IMF). The information is published once the monthly balance sheet of the Bank of Botswana has been approved for release.

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