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Daily Rates

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Daily updates of key exchange rates and domestic interest rates are stored on this website. They can be presented in a tabular or graphical format for a period of your choice using the interactive search facility. The daily data can be downloaded in spreadsheet format is also easily accessible through the RSS feed facility on the website.

Exchange Rates: the value of the Pula is shown in terms of five currencies: the United States dollar (USD), euro (EUR), British pound (GBP), South African rand (ZAR) and the Special Drawing Right (SDR; a basket of major currencies that is the unit of account of the IMF). While all of these can be graphed, either individually or in combination, some combinations are difficult to present graphically due to the wide variation of values. The rates shown are those determined by the Bank of Botswana at the start of trading each day.

Interest Rates: three rates are shown: the Bank Rate, and the two rates (14-day and 91-day) for Bank of Botswana certificates. These are the key rates through which the Bank of Botswana implements monetary policy. A range of other rates, both borrowing and lending, are updated on a monthly basis and published in the Botswana Financial Statistics (Tables 4.1 and 4.2).

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DCI lost 4.43 percent year to date

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DCI lost 4.44 percent year to date

The Pula depreciated against the rand by 1.3 percent