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Information Communication Technology Department

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'To provide the best information and communications technology services'

J Ghanie

Previously the Technical Services Department, it was renamed the Information Technology (IT) Department effective July 1, 2010. This was due to the upgrading of the former Property Management Unit to Divisional Status. The Department comprises three units:

  • The IT Operations Unit is responsible for the acquisition, support and maintenance of telecommunications and IT infrastructure, disaster recovery planning, and computer information security management.
  • The IT Business Functions Unit is responsible for applications acquisition, support and maintenance across the Bank.  The Unit also has responsibility for business re-engineering to deliver improved services to the user base.
  • The operations of these two units are overseen by the Quality Assurance Unit to ensure that they do not compromise IT service delivery.  The Unit actively reviews the IT investment plan and allows the Bank to take advantage of rapidly-changing technology at a reasonable cost.

Mr J Ghanie

Deputy Director
Ms R Baitshephi

Personal Assistant:

Ms M. Mooketsi
Tel: (267) 360 6529
Fax: (267) 395 2349

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