'The Banking and Currency Department shall be a highly responsive and efficient Department maintaining the highest standards of performance and professionalism'

In line with the principal objectives of the Bank of Botswana, the primary roles and responsibilities of the Banking and Currency Department are enshrined in Parts V (Monetary Unit, Banknotes and Coins) and VII (Relations with Financial Institutions) of the Bank of Botswana Act (Cap 55:01). These contain specific provisions conferring responsibility for the issue and circulation of the currency, as well as the provision of banking services to financial institutions and the Botswana Government. Pursuant thereto, the Banking and Currency Department seeks to promote and maintain:

  • Public confidence in the national currency;
  • A secure supply of national currency to adequately meet the needs of a growing economy;
  • Efficient and responsive banking services to Government, banks and other customers

The Department discharges its obligations through:

  • Issuing good quality and secure currency in appropriate denominations, in order to maintain public confidence in the value and safety of the national currency;
  • Providing an efficient and reliable banking service to Government, its customers, and the financial institutions; and
  • Facilitating a safe, efficient and risk-free environment for inter-bank payments

Within the Department, the Banking Unit provides banking services to the Government and some financial institutions, while the Currency Unit is responsible for the issuance of quality notes and coins. These services are provided in Gaborone and at the Francistown Branch. The Department is headed by a Director, supported by a Deputy Director in Gaborone and a Regional Manager in Francistown.

Mr G. S. Seganabeng

Personal Assistant:
Ms S Madzete
Tel: (267) 3606159
Fax: (267) 3928752
E-mail: madzetes@bob.bw

Deputy Director:
Ms K. Ntsatsi 

Regional Manager, Francistown Branch:
Mr T Magole

Personal Assistant:
Ms N Ntswetswe
Tel: (267) 2400451
Fax: (267) 2410448
E-mail: ntswetswen@bob.bw