As the Nation’s central bank, the Bank is fully committed to fostering a strong ethical environment and good governance practices in its operations consistent with best practice and in compliance with its legal obligations as enshrined in the Bank of Botswana Act (Cap 55:01).

The Bank, has, therefore, implemented a Whistleblowing Policy as part of efforts to promote good governance and entrench a culture of ethical conduct by its staff.

Integrity Hotline

As part of implementation of the Whistle Blowing Policy, the Bank has developed an Integrity Hotline for reporting any suspected acts of impropriety, malpractices or misconduct such as fraud, theft, bribery, corruption or any other acts of unethical conduct by the Bank, individual employees and officials of the Bank.  

The Integrity Hotline provides secure and anonymous channels or platforms for internal and external stakeholders to report, in good faith and without fear of any reprisal or prejudice.

Examples of possible misconduct, malpractices or impropriety include the following:

  • Fraud, including entitlements fraud
  • Bribery and any suspected corrupt practices
  • Theft, misuse of official assets, property or resources of the Bank
  • Abuse of authority and maladministration
  • Disclosure of confidential/ non-public information
  • Conflict of interest (financial, personal)
  • Improper gifts

Report Misconduct to the Ethics Hotline

Telephone: Toll free 16181 (BTC, Mascom, Orange or BeMobile)
Email: or
Mail: P O Box 448, Gaborone.