Wednesday, September 18, 2019 | 08:17 PM

The Pula appreciated against the US dollar by 2.6 percent

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The Pula appreciated against the US dollar (2.6 percent); British pound (2.1 percent); Chinese renminbi (1.6 percent); Japanese yen (1.5 percent) and euro (0.5 percent) but depreciated against rand (-2.0); over a one-month period to the end of June 2019. However, in the twelve months to June 2019, the Pula appreciated against the Chinese renminbi (1.6 percent), British pound (1.2 percent); rand (1.1 percent) and Euro (0.4 percent) but depreciated against other SDR currencies. The Pula depreciated against US dollar (-2.1 percent); Japanese yen (-4.6 percent).


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