Monday, June 25, 2018 | 01:46 PM

Publication of the Research Bulletin – July 2017

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The Research and Financial Stability Department has published a Research Bulletin Volume 30 of 2017. This Bulletin is available on the Bank’s website while delivery of hard copies is expected during the course of next week. It contains four research papers as follows: “Implications of the Term Structure of Interest Rates (Yield Curve) on Expected Inflation in Botswana”; “Can Money Overhang Help Predict Inflation in Botswana?”; “The Short-Run Dynamics of Inflation: Estimating the Hybrid New Phillips Curve for Botswana” and “Investment Implications of the RMBs Inclusion into the SDR Basket: A Botswana Perspective”

  Latest News:

DCI lost 4 percent year-to-date

Bank of Botswana maintains the policy rate at 5 percent

BoBC Auction Results (May 19)

DCI lost 3.82 percent year-to-date

Inflation decreases to 3.3 percent in May