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Past Annual Report Theme Topics

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Each year the Annual Report features a different theme topic that provides in-depth anaylsis to issues of current relevance to the development of the Botswana economy. The choice of the then topic is wide-ranging and is not necessarily limited to the core functions of the Bank, but helps place those functions in the context of broader economic development.


Botswana: Financing Strategies for Industrialisation and Transition to High Income Status.

2017 Financial Sector Development, Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth
2016 Botswana's Trade Patterns, International Investment and Regional Economic Integration: Opportunities for Industrial Development and Inclusive Growth
2015 Employment Opportunities, Productivity and Competitiveness as Contributors to Sustainable Economic Growth: Botswana's Case
2014 Preserving Macroeconomic Stability and Fostering Economic Growth
2013 Household Participation in the Financial Sector, Debt Sustainability and Impact on Financial Stability
2012 Fiscal Reforms: Reducing Reliance of Public Expenditure on Mineral Revenues and Supporting Private Sector Development in Botswana 
2011 Broadening Access to Financial Services
2010 Monetary Policy in Botswana: Implementation, Economic Benefits and Challenges 
2009 Determinants and Trends in Household Financial Savings in Botswana
2008 Price Stability Under Inflation Targeting
2007 Botswana’s Framework for Macroeconomic and Financial Stability in Support of Sustainable Economic Growth
2006 Current Economic Challenges in Botswana
2005 The Role of Capital Markets in Economic Development – Botswana’s Experience
2004 Improved Productivity – The Key to Sustained Growth and Higher Living Standards for All
2003 Competition, Efficiency and Productivity in the Banking Sector
2002 Botswana’s External Sector: Policies and Contribution to Economic Diversification, 1991 – 2001
2001 The Role of the Financial Sector in Botswana’s Economic Growth
2000 The Challenges of Economic Diversification
1999 A Sectoral Review of Economic Performance Over the Past Decade and Future Prospects
1998 Key Policy Issues for 1999
1997 Savings and Investment
1996 Macroeconomic Stability During NDP 8
1995 Growth with Equity
1994 Botswana and the International Economy
1993    Botswana’s Growth Experience and the Role of the Financial Sector



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