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Timetable for Statistics

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The following extract appears in the monthly Botswana Financial Statistics:

"The Bank of Botswana is responsible for the production of monetary and balance of payments Statistics, which are covered in sections 3 – 6 of this publication. These are produced according to the following schedules:

Monetary Statistics: the current practice is to publish only final data (i.e., there are no preliminary estimates for monetary statistics; any subsequent revisions are the result of reporting errors). Most data are published approximately two months following the end of the reference period. However, the compilation of the depository corporations’ survey takes longer, and this is not published until three months following the end of the reference period.

Balance of Payments: for annual data, initial balance of payments estimates are released in early February at the time of the annual Budget Speech. More complete preliminary estimates are prepared by March. The estimates are finalised by October, following the completion of the annual balance of payments survey. Any subsequent revisions are highlighted as necessary. For quarterly balance of payments, the intention is to produce initial estimates before the end of the following quarter. The estimates are then revised, including reconciliation with the annual data, as more information becomes available.

All statistics produced by the Bank of Botswana are published in the next issue of the Botswana Financial Statistics following their preparation, minimising the time taken to provide public access.

All other data published in the Botswana Financial Statistics are sourced from other agencies according to their own timetables and dissemination practices. However, once received by the Bank of Botswana, they are published as soon as possible."

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