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Current Notes and Coin

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The current family of banknotes used in Botswana was launched on August 21, 2009. The banknotes family includes five notes in a denomination structure comprising P10, P20, P50 and P100, and P200. 

All, except the P200 note which was not issued previously, retain the basic colour and layout as the earlier notes. All notes feature a rampant zebra watermark. The main design features of the new banknotes are as follows.

Front   Reverse
P 10 pula front The banknote is green with the portrait of His Excellency President Lt General Seretse Khama Ian Khama. On the reverse side, the picture is of the National Assembly building.  P10  back
P20 front The banknote is red with the portrait of the composer of the national anthem, Dr K T Motsete. On the reverse side, the picture is of a mining installation.  P20 back
P50 front The banknote is brown with the portrait of Sir Seretse Khama, the founding president of Botswana. On the reverse side, the picture is of the Okavango Delta swamps, featuring a man on a mokoro (small boat) and a fish eagle.  P50 back
P100 front The banknote is blue with the portrait of the three chiefs who travelled to Britain in the 1890s to secure the country’s identity. On the reverse side, the picture is an open pit diamond mine and a diamond sorter examining a rough diamond.  P100 back
P200 front The banknote is purple with the art work of a woman teaching pupils. The concept is intended primarily to underscore the contribution of women in the country’s development through education. On the reverse side, there is a picture of a herd of zebras at a waterhole.  P200 back

 Botswana Banknotes in Circulation 2018   

 New polymer P10 Banknote

 Frequently asked questions about the new family of banknotes

The previous family of banknotes was formally withdrawn from circulation at the end of March 2010. After this date they should be exchanged for new notes at the Bank of Botswana (headquarters or Francistown Branch).


Coin is issued for smaller currency denominations as these are more convenient for such transactions as well as longer lasting. Coin currently in circulation includes P5, P2, P1, 50t, 25t, 10t, and 5t.

In line with the international norms, where currency is reviewed and updated periodically to take account of latest technology trends and security features, the Bank has done a comprehensive review of Botswana coin and a new family of coin was launched by His Excellency the President on February 27, 2014.

        New Botswana Coin

   New Botswana Coin (Press release)

Security features

In the development of the new banknotes, the Bank has used the latest technology in banknote design that incorporates the latest security features. It is important that members of the public are familiar with the security features of all banknotes in circulation and to be vigilant in ensuring that only genuine banknotes are in circulation or in their possession at all times. This is to support counterfeit prevention efforts, and also applies to the previous family of banknotes as they will not be demonetised until December 2014.

     Learn about banknote security features

Currency Statistics

Statistics on currency in circulation are included in both the monthly Botswana Financial Statistics  (Tables 3.6 – 3.7) and the statistical section of the Bank’s Annual Report

     Most recent BFS

     Most recent Annual Report Statistics Section

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