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Public Education

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The public education activities of the Bank of Botswana are varied, reflecting the wide-ranging responsibilities of the Bank. A major concern is to encourage people to become more familiar with aspects of the Bank’s work that impacts on their daily lives. Notably, this includes knowledge of the national currency and banking. Not only does this help people manage their financial affairs more effectively; it also helps discourage counterfeiting of the of the currency as people will be more aware of the difference between forgeries and genuine currency. Furthermore, familarisation with banking issues contributes to more effective consumer protection for banks' customers. Public education is supported with a range of publications, while the frequently asked questions (FAQs) page of this website also provides usedul information about the Bank of Botswana and its operations:




Public education activities are coordinated by the Head of Communications & Public Education. For more information please contact:

Tel +267 360 6083
Email: sesinyiA@bob.bw

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