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Bank of Botswana has a specialised library which is managed through the Secretariat. The mission of the library is to make available all relevant information resources that contribute to the Bank's core business. Thus, the library services are devoted to meeting the information requirements of both present and future research needs of the Bank. The library aims to select and acquire the most relevant and affordable current economic and financial information to support the complex, current and changing professional needs of the Bank of Botswana staff and provide support to the banking industry in Botswana generally.

The library cooperates actively with other small libraries in Botswana and is a member of the Botswana Library Association (BLA) Special Libraries Working Group.

As well as for Bank of Botswana staff there is limited access to the public for undertaking relevant research. External users are encouraged to contact the librarian in advance to arrange access, and then must sign in and out of the Bank with assistance of security personnel at reception. The library is open Monday - Friday from 9.00-12.45 and 14.00-16.45.

Purchases and subscriptions: the library is the also the point of contact for arranging purchases of and subscriptions to Bank publications.

For all queries please contact the librarian:

Ttel: +267 360 6310/6294
Email: kandjiis@bob.bw

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